Our perspective

Biodynamic agriculture is for us a path, an evidence. Life is made up of seemingly innocuous details that weave the world’s bond. You have to pay attention to the environment and the natural balance. Since its inception, the environment has acted as a leaven for agriculture in general.


It was proposed in 1924 from the «Farmers' Course», a lecture cycle organized by the intellectual Rudof Steiner. The philosophical foundations on which it is based provide an understanding of the links between human and nature in all their complexity. This practice makes it possible to situate the plant, the animal and the human being in their relations between the earth and the cosmos.

Biodynamics is not only the energization and spray of preparations of animal substances (500), mineral ubstances (501) and vegetable ubstances (herbal teas, decoctions). Its practice allows to harmonize the vineyard, to express the diversity of the terroirs. Biodynamics offers a better homogenization of the growth and the materiality of the grapes.

A plant does not grow by chance; when you meet it in your garden, it has a role to play in that place, at that time.

- Gérard Ducerf

The plants

The concept of biodynamic farming makes it possible to give each living being its place on earth. Well-applied biodynamic agriculture is agriculture that manages the balance between carbon and nitrogen. The plants and their environment are in strong interaction. The spontaneous appearance or disappearance of certain species in crops is an indicator of the state of the soil.  Weeds, which we want to get rid of, are in fact indicators of the evolution of the soil and allow us to predict malfunctions before they occur and it is too late to repair them. 

The Terrestrial and Lunar Rhythms

Solar rhythms, composed by day, night or seasons and lunar rhythms are familiar to us. For the past 10 years, experiments conducted by Maria THUN have revealed cosmic influences on plant growth.

These appear to be related to the positions of the moon, the sun and the planets in relation to the constellations.

A timetable, linked to his observations, has been developed. The work and treatments of the vineyard can be magnified by the choice of intervention dates.


It promotes the installation of life processes by working the soil at appropriate times in the year, month or day.  So a tilling in the morning will vitalize the plant, a tilling in the afternoon will keep the water in the soil…

The main preparations

Maria Thun

Supports and strengthens the process

500, 500P preparations

Action on root development (denser, better distributed).

501 preparation, horn dung

Acts in polarity with the horn dung, structures the vine.

The use of inputs in winemaking is no longer necessary. The wines grow in depth, in persistence and possess a superior energy, the wine becomes a food in its own right. 

the practice of biodynamic agriculture is a great step towards others. Our task is to free ourselves by widening the circle of our compassion to all living creatures as well as to all nature in its beauty. The great floods make us aware of the gravity of the situation of the earth and the lightness with which we continue not to worry about the next day. 

Being a bio-dynamic winemaker is a way to access this beauty, this aesthetic pleasure that is the birth of wine.