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Biological wine/ Demeter wine:
Which Differences?

The quality of a wine is defined by several elements: the terroir, the mode of cultivation of the vines, the care taken during the harvest of the grapes and the practices during the vinification that will make the final product, the wine, will be quality and reflection of the terroir of the wine Domain. Demeter wines, certified organic and biodynamic, are increasingly appreciated for their typicity. Biodynamic culture reinforces the an intimate link between the vine and its terroir for mor complex wines.A growing number of reputable wineries are turning to Demeter certification, to highlight the practice of quality biodynamic agriculture.

In addition to being certified in organic farming, Demeter wines meet additional requirements for both grape production and winemaking. Biodynamic preparations based on plants, minerals and organic materials are used and the number of methods and inputs allowed is limited. As in organic farming, the control of each domain and each cuvée is carried out annually.

We have therefore made a comparison which summarizes the main differences between viticulture and organic winemaking and Demeter, it can in no case replace the regulations in organic farming and the official Demeter specifications.