Origin and Principles

In order to best express the originality of our terroirs, different care is given to the soil and the vineyard:

Practice of replanting in mass selection to maintain diversity.

Spreading compost to stimulate the microbial life of the soil, which is essential for the formation of humus and the assimilation of soil minerals.

practice of spontaneous grassing forces the vine to sink its roots deeper into the soil.

* Ploughing is done to contribute to deep rooting.

Specific preparations are applied to the ground if necessary to support and strengthen the soil’s humification process, to promote microbial activity, and to provide maximum energy to the vine before flowering. These preparations are explained below on this page.

Plants and minerals material

Thanks to the biodynamy we are moving towards a balance that allows us to anticipate certain diseases by using fewer plant protection products.

* nettle tea, regulates iron and stimulates plant growth.
* horsetail, agent anti-cryptogamique, refoule le champignon vers le sol.
*wickeragainst downy mildew
* valérianepowerful anti-stress to apply after a hail. 

* dynamisation prerequisite which consists in stir the plant in warm water in a spiral motion that is suddenly reversed several times. The energy of a substance is transferred to the water and sprayed in a homeopathic dose. This preparation is applied when the days are favorable and are defined by a timing of seedlings (astronomical information on the different rhythms of the Moon, planetary position..).

* copper at low concentration, protects the vine against disease attacks, the main one being downy mildew. Same for the sulfur, used to control powdery mildew.

From harvest to cellar...

Grapes are handly harvested, at maturity of skins and seeds, so as to respect the grapes that will arrive whole in our presses. A slow extraction allows us to have clear juices that do not require chemical addition. No sugar added.

The biodynamic culture allows life and yeasts to develop on the pruine of the grape. The variability of our indigenous yeasts brings a «terroir» taste to the wine. It is therefore not necessary to introduce foreign yeasts that guide the aromas and eventually standardize the wines. 

The wines are bottled when we feel they are ready and always according to the lunar calendar in order to preserve the fruit. Biodynamics allows us to produce live wines, with superior energy, that tend towards esothetic pleasure.

Biodynamic culture allows us to produce live wines, with superior energy, that tend towards esothetic pleasure.


They come from processed vegetable, animal and mineral materials:

Horn dung compost MT

Supports and strengthens the process of humification and decomposition of the earth. It contains all the elements that promote the development of the clay-humic complex. There is a considerable number and variety of bacteria.

500 preparation

Horn dung, acts on the vine. It strengthens microbial activity, underground, and the formation of humus. Its effectiveness is confirmed after many trials: the roots are longer, denser, better distributed.

501 preparation

Horn silica, works as a mirror effect. It helps the development of the leaves, the balance of the flower and to bring maximum energy to the vine, necessary for a good and beautiful fructification.

These preparations are dynamised before spraying